5-in-1 Electric Massage Face Cleanser
5-in-1 Electric Massage Face Cleanser
-Cleansing and whitening multifunction face cleanser
-Five different detachable heads with different massage functions
-Even vibrations allows deep cleaning of pores giving you baby smooth skin
-Stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolism, bringing you healthier skin
-Deep cleaning allows the removal of dead skin and impurities
-Simple to use and clean, very durable
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 For $69 you can purchase a 5-in-1 Electric Massage Face Cleanser with 5 different detachable heads with different massage functions. The even vibrations allows deep cleaning of pores giving you baby smooth skin. It stimulates blood circulation and increases metabolism, bringing you healthier skin. The deep cleaning function removes dead skin and impurities giving you perfect skin. Simple to use, clean and is very durable. (Reference Retail Price: $100)


 Option 1 : 5-in-1 Electric Massage Face Cleanser

Special Offer : $69      Reference Retail Price: $100







Product Content:

Precautions for usage:

1. Do not use on dry or sensitive skin

2. When cleaning your face, do not use too much force to press down on the cleanser

3.  Clean the detachable parts regularly to prevent deterioration and breakage

 Please clean all parts after usage. Do not use alcohol, petroleum, rough surfaces or detergents to clean

5.   Please clean the machine and parts with water under 50 (Hot water can be used on the brush head for disinfection)

6.  After cleaning please air dry all parts

7. .Remove the batter for prolonged periods of non-usage


**This product does not include batteries, please purchase them separately. 

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